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 Voting Stupid

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John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher

PostSubject: Voting Stupid   27.03.18 16:34

Democracy and stupid voters
Voting Stupid

How Democracy Descends into Stupidity

We separate and divide society constantly; whether it’s grading and streaming in schools, a political left and right, or the poor and the rich, yet to do this requires the concept of an average. Using IQ we could divide a population between the clever and the stupid, using an agreed on number. That means that one half of the country can now be classified as stupid. The term, ‘Common sense’ then becomes a fallacy, as it is not common to all as the term suggests, but applies only to those above the average, which is why it is not understood by the stupid, but leads them to believe that their definition of sense is common to all.

If we then apply democracy in voting it means that half the population will be too stupid to understand what it is they’re voting for, but are needed to vote in the clever. The Founding Fathers understood this and it’s why the US has a constitution. However, the clever also know this and so clever politicians dumb down their rhetoric to appeal to the stupid using small easily digested sound bites run through the media; ‘Change you can believe in’ or ‘Yes, we can’. These terms are specifically designed for the stupid, who wouldn’t understand what was in a Political Manifesto unless it contained pictures of Kim Kardashian, reviews of video games, or was endorsed by their peers on Facebook.

Voting by Numbers

Supporting the clever are a majority of the clever themselves, which is why the stupid vote becomes a majority, but conversely, why you never get a minority of poor or stupid politicians leading them.

No one ever got elected telling the clever to be equal to the stupid, but become electable telling the stupid they can be equal to the clever. That this never happens is lost on the stupid because they’re too stupid to realize it never happens, but it sounds clever and doesn’t everyone want to be clever?

Controlling a stupid majority is easier for a clever minority and so the more you promote a reliance on drugs, the dumbing down of education, political hero worship and twitter, the more employment it produces for the clever. Charities, drug rehab’ centers and social work departments all benefit from the stupid majority. Additionally, the votes of the stupid majority increase as they reproduce themselves and provide new stupid offspring.

Make your Mark Here

This is why democracy doesn’t work in huge post-industrial societies that simply outvote the clever using a collective majority stupid. Moreover, this is also why clever people like Obama could sound so stupid, but become electable with a majority equal to the amount of stupid comments made.

"On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron." Mencken, H. L.

Helping you survive modernity in a world of change
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Voting Stupid
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