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 Create a Relevant Resume

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John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher

PostSubject: Create a Relevant Resume   25.02.17 5:39

Create a Relevant Resume

Creating a resume involves more than mass-produced content. In a globalised 21st century world, this article helps you maintain your individuality and create your own relevant and successful resume.

As the middle-class collapses, so do the corporate jobs that enabled it. If you're still hooked on the hype that Mark Zuckerberg is looking for you, try something different. The key to employment in a changing world, sans borders, lies in individual originality, not following the increasingly desperate unemployed. In the middle of the worst continuing recession in living memory, a regular mass produced resume is your passport to failure. No employer on earth ever advertised for a 'corporate athlete with team player qualities' and no applicant ever managed to singularly produce those magical 300%+ sales increases.Therein lie the difference between a regular and relevant resume. In other words, the first 100 relevant words gets you hired, or not.

In the resume information article, the author begins with a short analysis of regular resume fails and why the need to create resume relevancy.  The article continues with information leading the reader through the crucial aspects of design, structure and content of a relevant resume, focusing on two crucial points of the heading and profile. 

Your resume ought to resemble a relevant business card of relevant condensed information

"The chances are your regular resume content contains a construction of politically correct jargon and embellishment, resembling the vast majority of mass-produced and plagiarised copies."

If design is the visual lead, structure contains the resume chapters, four to five headings and two pages maximum length. Structure is a necessity, and like a book, the created resume headings lead the reader through a purposely designed sales pitch. The structure largely depends on the type of work; for instance, qualifications would come before experience in international TEFL applications, whereas experience would come prior to education in sales.

"A good resume highlights strong points, with a blurred background of information. Include name, image, profession, value and contact details."

A resume heading ought to stand out visually and why your name and profession require large font. If someone is going to reject on the grounds they don’t read resumes and enter them into a HR lottery draw; let them do it to others, not yours.

When reading, our eyes gravitate to the top of a page and scan horizontally from left to right. By preventing skim reading, we draw reader attention to the main points. The photo below takes priority and the eyes track right, rest, and instead of returning to an empty far left, are blocked by the center colour text and stop again, which is the required intent. There is nowhere left to go but downwards to the profile. In this instance, the profile is crucial to the resume, leaving the verified content as 'other information' and secondary to the quote.

When designing a resume, remember originality and the adage of, "You don’t receive a second chance to create a first impression." Properly designed, a resume represents a written introductory handshake to the world; it remains important to create an initial visual impact. This will not happen using a bland 'wall of words' jargon, forcing employers to use analytical skills to separate fact from a figment of imagination, which in turn, leads to the current HR lottery of keyword choice.

 In conclusion, the article supplies six of the best and free online toolbox links to help you create relevancy, that gets your resume noticed in an increasingly mass produced and competitive world.

Read the full article: Create a relevant resume (Read the full article)   
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Helping you survive modernity in a world of change
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Create a Relevant Resume
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