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 Inner Mongolia Tourist

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John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher

PostSubject: Inner Mongolia Tourist   Inner Mongolia Tourist Empty14.12.17 15:34

Inner Mongolia Tourist

The Inner Mongolia Tourist

A tourist guide to Inner Mongolia

Ordos, in Inner Mongolia, a location tourist’s rarely visit │ Discover Inner Mongolia: The ideal tourist destination. Dongsheng in Ordos is located 400 kilometres North West of Beijing in Northern China, 39° 36' 0" N / 109° 47' 0" E.

Why Visit Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia Travel Guide - "Inner Mongolia has a peculiar natural scenery, long history and brilliant culture." [1]

Inner Mongolia and the surrounding regions of central Asia, including Siberia, provide the historic Mesolithic (middle stone age period) origins of the Native American Indians. Moreover and combining the Mongol invasion of central Europe in the 13th century, the west gains much of its DNA history from this long forgotten era.

In the current era, a visit to Inner Mongolia provides an attractive and affordable tourist destination choice, famous for its deserts, zoos, ecotourism and culture. Whether it's leisurely exploring ancient monuments, museums or shopping, or a more lively sliding down sand dune ravines and riding camels, discover Ordos as an ideal location for an itinerary packed holiday. Enjoy a calm and relaxing visit, bringing new sights and experiences every day, in a stress free lifestyle reminiscent of the western 1960s.

Visiting Inner Mongolia - The Ideal Tourist Location

Kangbashi, Ordos

The city of Kangbashi, while still developing, remains clean and bustling. There are plenty of indoor markets to browse, several museums, amongst them the breath taking Mongolian museum and during the winter months, the famous Ordos ice sculptures.

Introduction to Kangbashi, Ordos

Visiting Inner Mongolia, a self-administrative region (SAR) of China, as distinct from Mongolia itself, entails having a Chinese visa. A visitor’s ‘L’ visa is valid for 30 days from the date of entry. There are various tour operators [2] providing inclusive holiday packages, with hotel accommodation and itineraries that cater to all tastes and budgets.

Inner Mongolia reflects a cultural experience rather than a ‘fun’ place and remains unsuitable for teenagers or ’party people’. Characteristics of Mongolian people reflect their hospitable, polite and well-mannered traits. Unlike European tourist destinations, precautions centre on health rather than crime the ideal family tourist location.

The local domestic Dongsheng Ejin Horo airport (DSN) is 82 kilometres to the east of Dongsheng city and although minor by international standards, immediately striking is the modern design and cleanliness. Taxis for onward journeys are cheap and plentiful. An hour journey from the airport to the Dongsheng City Centre costs £12 (US $20) and as few people speak English, a tourist phrase book remains essential.

Leaving the airport, notice the famous ‘Ghost city’ of Kangbashi, built for one million people. Minus the western hype, the real reason for current Kangbashi under population remains the slow transfer of government administrative departments to Kangbashi, replacing the city of Dongsheng as the municipal centre of authority. The highway also crosses the Dongsheng Bridge, a loop of the yellow river and a futuristic glowing landmark at night.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ordos.[3] The hotels are plentiful and cheap in comparison to western prices. A European equivalent four/five star hotel will cost around £25 (US $38) a night, with budget prices of £6 (US $10). Foreign currency remains accepted at banks, yet only in Chinese ¥ or $US denominations. Western credit cards, except in four and five-star hotels are not generally accepted elsewhere, but most ATM machines accept both western debit and credit cards.

Discovering Ordos - Inner Mongolia Tourism

Cultural discovery tour: Inner Mongolia through the eyes of foreign diplomats - "Overall, I believe we were all impressed by your successful policy of openness and modernization […] climate, your clean air and blue sky." [4]
Inner Mongolia tourism

Welcome to the land of permanent bargain sales, with no European VAT, US sales tax or gratuitous tipping. All forms of clothing and specifically genuine Mongolian cashmere wool products [5] remain cheap compared to the west and Chinese made electrical products cost a fraction of western imported prices. Popular and original, hand-stitched works of Chinese cross-stitch art [6] resembling sewn pictures on canvas.

Taste Inner Mongolia organic food

There exist numerous foreign type department stores with available western food products, otherwise the menu comprises gourmet Mongolian food [7] and in the majority, fresh and organically grown. The personal favourites include pieces of dough with a spicy meat filling (pronounced Bowser) and home-made yogurt. The meat is chiefly lamb or chicken. With many inexpensive restaurants; a typical café type meal costs £2 (US $3), with a choice of potato or rice. Moreover, fast food outlets include several western restaurants, franchised as KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Hut. A typical eat-in Pizza Hut dinner for two including drinks, costs around £7 ($8.8). A copy of KFC, yet equally western and half-price is the Dicos chain and additionally Wal-Mart, providing ample choice to suit all budgets.

From desert sandstorms to Siberian snow blizzards

Throughout Inner Mongolia air quality is high and pollution almost non-existent. The Inner Mongolia weather [8] winter months are long and cold. From November to May, when the winds blow south from Siberia, the Ordos weather temperature often drops to -30C (-22F). The climate is dry and the short summer of July and August hot at +30C, with mosquitos!

Out and About on the Tourist Trail

Exploring further from Dongsheng city can be a problem, yet taxis are cheap and readily available, including buses and rail travel. Subsidised bus travel within Dongsheng city limits, any distance for £0.10 ($0.14). Within a one-hour drive is part of the original Inner Mongolia Great Wall; [9] rather different from the tourist replica in Beijing. The Mausoleum of Genghis Khan is 20 kilometres from Dongsheng. [10] Also nearby is the Gobi Desert [11] (Xiangsha Wan ravine), with its famous ‘singing sands’, so-called because of the sound of the wind that blows across the sand. Highly recommended and the free entry Mongolian museum in Kangbashi arguably rivals any in the world for design and content.

For those considering the ultimate in designer employment destinations, the author offers a brief guide of life working in Inner Mongolia as a teacher. [12]

The Ideal Family Tourist Destination

Top 10 attractions of Inner Mongolia, China - "Some people say that sunshine, fresh air and vast forests are one of the biggest draws for modern travellers. Luckily, Inner Mongolia […] contains all of these features." [13]

Inner Mongolia tourism

Tourist locations in Inner Mongolia


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1. Pharmacies are plentiful and stock a wide range of cheap over-the-counter medicines, such as antibiotics.

2. There are also plenty of small family run, hospital type clinics available at a cheap price. You MUST wash your hands regularly and avoid hand-to-mouth contact. The paper money is often dirty, as are items like door handles, while spitting in the street is normal and an almost national pastime. A course of antibiotics on arrival is a personal recommendation. Hospitals are modern, cheap and well equipped

3. Ordos is very safe, day or night and although corruption exists as it does all over the world, this does not generally extend downwards to the police on the street or the people themselves, who remain friendly and helpful towards foreigners.

4. Ask children to interpret, who nearly always have some basic knowledge of the English language.

Pre-booking advised. Not only will you get a cheaper rate, but your itinerary for the visa you need to visit China will also require you to list hotels, locations and dates. Popular foreign tourist hotels in Ordos are the Days (four-star) and the Kaixuanmen (five-star).

5. Vegetarians or vegans are almost unknown and although occasionally available, requests for meatless dishes will produce looks of surprise. Unless hotel based, waitresses will not speak English, but many Inner Mongolian restaurants have menu pictures displayed on the walls from which you can choose, or conversely just point.

6. Specifically Ordos and in Inner Mongolia in general, it is difficult if not impossible to rent-a-car or motorcycle. From the author’s personal knowledge, there are no car rental companies in Ordos.[/font][/color][/size][/center]
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Inner Mongolia Tourist
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