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  The Obama Years - The Generational Legacy

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John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher

PostSubject: The Obama Years - The Generational Legacy    The Obama Years - The Generational Legacy Empty22.11.17 9:10

The Obama Years - The Generational Legacy
Obama’s fantasy years

From Obama to Trump and the Lost Generation

"The roots of liberalism – and its associated madness – can be clearly identified by understanding how children develop from infancy to adulthood and how distorted development produces the irrational beliefs of the liberal mind. When the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains and seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious." [1]

Hush, what’s that’s noise? From the parental basement garages of New York, to the economic and social cess pits of liberal managed  US cities, a shrieking noise of despair arises, unheard of since a millennial generation discovered that Father Christmas doesn’t exist.

Two kinds of thought produce the respective outcomes of belief (subjective) and science (objective). Using reason, facts and logic, science is unable to disprove a subjective belief, just as a belief is unable to provide the objectivity needed to satisfy the requirements of a scientific fact. In liberal thought, the conclusion precedes the premise, producing the gullibility of equality, diversity and multiculturalism that has never existed in history and consequently, responsible for the scenes across America reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.  

Harking back to the similarities of witch hunts and inquisitions in the 17th century, the new age Obama heretics became Nazis, fascists and racists, accused of poisoning the well of equality. As colour replaced class, the white tax payer became the new hated bourgeois, minority agendas replaced the Bible and political correctness silenced dissent.

Using the subjectivity of belief, Obama exploited the sound bite of "change you can believe in", socialist Clinton tried a collectivised "working together" and Trump challenged with the reason, facts and logic of "MAGA." However, the biggest poll of them all and away from the mass-media, safe spaces, and Antifa violence showed that following the identity politics of the Obama years, reason, facts and logic made a sudden and rapid return.

Revisiting the Fantasy Obama Years

Is Obama the Messiah? [2]

"Barack is our Savior, […] Barack will lead Americans out of the wilderness, out of the Burning Bush that was left for him. Barack will lead us to the promised land and part the Seas so he can put windmills on the floors of the oceans and power the world with Earth, Wind and Fire." [3]

"A beam of morning light shown [sic] through the stained-glass windows and illuminated the president-elect's face. Several of the clergy and choir on the altar who also saw it marveled [sic] afterward about the presence of the Divine.[4] "

For tens of millions, fantasy became fact and the legacy of the Obama years lies not just in the promises he failed to achieve, but conversely, how he successfully led a gullible generation into a mass belief system, which left behind the liberal generational legacy of abnormality and mental damage.

 The Obama Years - The Generational Legacy Democr10

Having failed to feed the world, change the earth’s climate, or make the population colour blind, a pot smoking, Marxist homosexual and former community organiser, voted America’s top salesman for nearly a decade, topples from his earthly throne. If nothing else, what Trump’s election achieved entailed halting Obama’s cultural revolution and removing the crutches from beneath an already lost and dependant generation. The last president to achieve that was Reagan, putting a stop to the Alinsky’s and Marcuse’s of a previous era. Moreover, had Clinton succeeded in her presidential bid on top of Obama’s damage, America would not have lost a generation, but arguably America itself, as the belief system headed down the socialist road to Venezuela. [5] At the end of that road lay a benevolent dictatorship, the 1% revolutionary ideology behind it all.

The Obama Victims

"Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness." [6]

From the ‘Red Guard’ of Antifa, to the anarchist occupy movements and onto the narcissistic rioting of BLM and a White House that resembled a third world communist revolutionary committee, which is what it actually was.

 The Obama Years - The Generational Legacy The-ob10

The Generational Legacy of Beliefs

Did the Russians force the people to vote against Clinton? Maybe it was a Facebook advert, or the fault of the same system that elected Obama? Believe and it shall be so.

As Russia and China reverted to capitalism and traditional values, ironically, the US social justice warriors began the same journey to building a belief based utopia and Russia again became the enemy. Or, as the German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, recently stated at the May 2017 G7 summit meeting following President Trumps election - "Europe must assume greater responsibility to defend a liberal, democratic World order [If China and Russia were able to dominate their spheres of influence] That would be the end of our liberal world order."

Far from being an enemy, the Russians knew what Obama is [7] and warned America. When Obama stated he was going to "fundamentally change the United States of America" in 2011, he wasn’t joking. Did the belief system produce a happier society?

Unfortunately not. Change in any society produces other changes and as they don’t create the desired utopia either, they must be changed again. In another era, both Lenin and Mao called their era’s cultural ambitions "continual revolutions." The ‘continual’ replaced the utopia which never arrived – an endless quest for class perfection to disguise something which could never be achieved. In America, Obama’s hero worship belief soon turned to accusations and predictably into minority violence, enabling the abnormal and those of various competing sub-cultures to come crawling out of the woodwork in their millions, a consequence of introducing identity politics in the form of a European style cultural Marxism [8] that came to visit America.

The Legacy of Another Failed Revolution

Many of the Obama disciples will eventually become normal contributing citizens, just as the majority of the 60s "turn on, tune in, drop out" hippy generation, yet for a minority the Obama years will ruin lives forever and for the rest, the damage will take another generation to repair.

All society’s in recent history that attempted to prove an abstract based on a belief and discounting reality, invariably failed. From the French revolution to Obama, the pages of history are littered with failed attempts, despite denials, academic purges and attempts to re-write history. No sub-culture in American history, or agenda driven minority helped produced the American constitution and when the majority consensus becomes silenced by collectivised identity politics, [9] the facts of a dumbed down society, with tens of millions dependent on government food stamps, plus the social anarchy, remains the only visible reality, which is why majority America finally voted out the Obama years, not the belief of Russia, or Facebook.

Historians and sociologists will look back on the Obama years in bafflement as they attempt to decipher what went wrong. Nevertheless, America will recover given time, as have other socially engineered society’s, but the lessons learned and the left over generational legacy will be socially and economically, long and painful.

From American political Gods and windmills on ocean floors, to the liberal beliefs of a European Union Commissioner obtaining advice from outer space … it’s all part of the liberal belief system.


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Helping you survive modernity in a world of change
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The Obama Years - The Generational Legacy
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