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 Surviving Politically Correct Modernity UK Policing

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John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher

PostSubject: Surviving Politically Correct Modernity UK Policing   Surviving Politically Correct Modernity UK Policing Empty03.08.17 8:03

Surviving Politically Correct Modernity UK Policing

The UK no longer has a police force, it is now officially a police service. This does not imply a failure to attempt to stop crime, but target quotas and diverse community values come first. This illusory sleight of hand makes it look as if crime is diminishing and the population lives in a multicultural utopia; yet no one cares any longer whether that’s true or not.

Crime can be dangerous; ring the police, they’ll be in touch eventually, maybe, perhaps . . .
Millennial policing no longer requires upholding the law, it’s to prevent segregated minorities from killing each other while pretending they’re not.

Surviving Politically Correct Modernity UK Policing The-ch10

Following a burglary, rape, or robbery, report it to the police and receive a crime number. You need this number to claim on insurance and to verify that you’ve reported a crime. Moreover, if you’re burgled or attacked, respond with 'minimum force' (push them away), or you’ll be the one in court and if they harm themselves on your property, you’re liable for injury’s sustained. Additionally, 'hate crimes', those involving homosexuals, immigrants and other minorities receive priority and the criteria for a hate crime is not proof, but subjective to the victim believing the underlying motive involves hate (it’s why there’s so much 'hate' crime?), the actual crime is a secondary priority.

Welcome to the UK: Home to the largest prison population in Europe

Meet the Team

The UK version of 'Captain America', The 'Muslim Police' and a 'gay' police car

Surviving Politically Correct Modernity UK Policing The_te10

The Crime Busters

Millennial policing in an age of stupidity

Surviving Politically Correct Modernity UK Policing Crimeb10

They’re 'Youth Crime Czars' and they offer guidance to the police on how to interact 'wiv da youf' on community issues.

Teenagers advise the police:

"Paris is going to be the young face of policing in the county and I’m quite sure she is going to do a brilliant job at helping the police to connect with young people. “She’s very exceptional. She has a real commitment to working with young people. She’s confident and she’s got bags of energy" -   Ann Barnes, Kent Police and Crime Commissioner.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for 'exceptional' Paris, as her millennial attention span quickly moved onto narcissistic twitter texts about sex and drugs. Never mind, it was good while it lasted and very lucrative at £15k a year for a 17-year-old with no skills and a limited education. Following the hasty departure of Paris, the next font of wisdom was offered £25k probably in an attempt to improve the calibre of applicants, but still nowhere near an advertised, 'Youth champion and health and well-being officer' in Avon and Somerset at £41k.

The DIY response to crime

Victims asked to investigate crimes themselves
"Victims of crime are being "encouraged" to investigate offences themselves, an inspection of police forces in England and Wales has found. HM Inspectorate of Constabulary said criminal damage and car crime were "on the verge of being decriminalised" because forces had "almost given up".

The Incompetence

Politically correct police force hiring officers who can't do the job:
"One of the country's most senior policemen has admitted his force is recruiting unsuitable officers in its drive to be politically correct […] Dyslexics, the physically disabled and those with religious beliefs which affect their work are apparently being given jobs - even though they are unable to fulfil their role."

The Political Correctness

London's police force is too concerned about being branded racist:
"My experiences were that it was Muslim officers being racist towards my individual views; also in private, holding racist views against white officers, and sexist views against females […] If such views were held and expressed by white officers, they would be fired."

The Lies

Police fix crime statistics to meet targets, MPs told:
"London's target of a 20% crime reduction was set by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime and passed down the chain of command from the commissioner to constables on the beat, whose chances of promotion were linked to hitting the target."

The Land of Make Believe

Amid a culture of fear and political correctness (reminiscent of Orwellian Newspeak) is the reason why the UK has the highest prison population despite the lowest detection rate in Europe – not racism or phobias.

No nation is constructed multi-cultured. Multiculturalism and open borders (cultural anarchy) is part of the political ideology of cultural Marxism and not a natural state of affairs. Anarchy fills the vacuum when nationalism in nations and Empires declines. The UK is not unique in this as it slides slowly into a third world state of moral, political, social and economic decay, as political correctness replaces policing by consent. Coupled with political greed and corruption, enforcing a politically correct silence is the method used to disguise the obvious with deceit and lies in much the same way as Hans Christian Andersen’s fable of, 'The Emperor’s New Clothes'.

Further reading: Why don't Black Lives Matter want to ban the Notting Hill carnival
                         Why did Britsh Police Ignore Pakistani (Muslim) Gangs Abusing Children
                         Police have become a politically correct incompetent mess

Helping you survive modernity in a world of change
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Surviving Politically Correct Modernity UK Policing
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