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 21st Century Prepping and Why We Need to Mentally Prepare

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John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher

PostSubject: 21st Century Prepping and Why We Need to Mentally Prepare   21st Century Prepping and Why We Need to Mentally Prepare Empty23.02.17 8:19

Modern day prepping

21st Century Prepping

The term ‘prepping’ comes laden with connotations of people lurking in dark forests, sleeping in makeshift camps and waiting for an imminent society collapse. However, is an economic or social catastrophe such a far-fetched idea, or a limited nuclear exchange simply a scare story? Are they more likely to happen than the populist beliefs of hidden messages in pop songs, shape shifting reptiles or world leaders boiling frogs in satanic rituals? As mass media propaganda continues to deliver reassurances that all is well, let’s briefly view the substance and facts behind the current 21st century increase of dire warnings.

Economic Collapse

The more astute will realise the US is foremost when discussing prepping. The reason is the continuing collapse of the petrodollar, without which the US, with a relatively small wealth producing working population of an estimated 122 million, collapses. Rivero’s, All Wars are Bankers' Wars provides a fascinating insight into the rise and fall of the US Federal Reserve and consequently, why the US is desperate to enforce economic dominance in the world, by subversion, coups, or invasions.

The western economic situation is dire, despite the same reassurances in 2008 that all is well. Moreover, for the six years prior to 2014, the US pumped three trillion dollars, confusingly termed ‘quantitative easing’ into its economy, despite a rising $19.4tr debt and the US presidents’ 2016 assurance that, "the economy is in great shape". In Europe, Ireland, Greece, Spain and Portugal require regular bail outs from the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund to stop them going bankrupt.

Social Collapse

Imagine a scenario similar to that of hurricane Katrina in 2005, but on a national scale, with little or no outside help available. No law and order, electricity, or adequate shelter, with stories of looting, rape and violence and that’s just in one week. Multiply that nationwide for months and if the lights go out in the first world, the thin veneer of modern society collapses. Hurricane Katrina proved that within one day, food shortages develop as panic buying sets in. Within two to three days fuel shortages occur as deliveries cease and within a week, hospitals cease to function. The horror stories that arose from that are still being discussed a decade on.

In the middle of the biggest recession in living memory, with mass unemployment, is anyone still tempted by low interest rate offers for first time homebuyers? Despite the hype, does anyone still believe gold will be worth anything more than any other piece of shiny metal in a currency collapse? Similarly and in spite of the ‘confidence is high’ rhetoric, one nuclear device exploding in any first world country reliant on technology and electronics sends society back to the middle ages. If and when a calamity of epic proportions arrives, there is every probability of it doing so suddenly and without adequate warning, in which a combination of basic self-preparedness and self-reliance becomes a prerequisite for initial survival.

Future War

As NATO and the US surround Russia, China and Iran, in April 2016, the Belgium Ministry of Health issued all citizens with iodine based anti-radiation pills. In mid-August the German newspaper, Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, advised citizens of a coming government requirement to stockpile a minimum of ten days food and water under civil defence legislation, in the case of ‘attack or catastrophe’.

The problem with the US is two fold; first, Obama’s incompetence and second, that it has no experience of modern warfare on its own soil. A letter written by prominent Russians in the US should be compulsory reading for the US leadership; A Russian Warning. “A Looming Third World War.” Meanwhile, in the beginning of October, Russia held mass civil defence drills in every major Russian city involving 40 million people, amid rising US and Russian tensions. In addition, EMERCOM, the Russian Ministry for Emergencies warned of preparing underground shelters in Moscow. Additionally and for ‘national interest’, the US sends destroyers and aircraft carriers to the South China Sea over the islands dispute, to conduct military drills.

Back to the Future: Prepping

The fact of prepping occurs in all our daily lives. From car insurance in the event of an accident, to travel insurance and a fridge for food storage supply, prepping is a daily activity. Yet, what is more important remains the ability to predict, to sense coming danger and in a comfort bubble of government dependency, forethought is sadly lacking in western societies.

Remember this quote, applying equally to Europeans. "The American People, The BUD People, The Broke Useless and Depressed. We are the MPBs, Money, Power and Brains. As long as we keep food on the Budsters tables, a roof over their heads, a car in their driveway and gas in their gas tanks to go to and from work. We can keep the Budsters at bay" - President George H. W. Bush.

The surviving government dependent ‘Budsters’ will emerge in their tens of millions in the event of an economic collapse, or a limited nuclear exchange waiting for something to happen, which never will. Have a ready-made plan, if only mentally. How would you cope in a world without electricity, transportation, or limited food? No welfare or ATM card, your mobile phone no longer works, stores are empty, looters and gangs roam the streets . . .? 

The time for concern occurs when the majority predictions concentrate on when, not if, an economic collapse, or hostilities begin and that’s happening now. Of course, the predictions may prove false, agreements reached, conferences staged and everything eventually gets back to normal. Conversely, prepare yourself mentally for the day when you click the light switch and nothing happens. Time to start prepping for a back to the future economic and social collapse, or war. 

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Helping you survive modernity in a world of change
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21st Century Prepping and Why We Need to Mentally Prepare
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