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 BREXIT European Union | The Facts Behind Liberal Fascism

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John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher

PostSubject: BREXIT European Union | The Facts Behind Liberal Fascism   BREXIT European Union | The Facts Behind Liberal Fascism Empty28.03.17 6:59

Houses of Parliament

Why BREXIT Upheld Democratic Values and British Sovereignty

On the twenty-third of June 2016, the BREXIT (British exit) referendum vote rejected European Union liberal fascism, elsewhere said to resemble a Supreme Soviet, choosing British democracy values and independent sovereignty.

The British Prime Minister, as expected, fell on his sword and resigned; a slap in the face for the global elite and the biggest uprising since the 'Peasants Revolt' of 1381. Consequently, Britain now joins Switzerland, Norway and Iceland, all with booming economies and all having rejected European Union membership. Moreover, as Britain rejects European liberal fascism, the Union loses one of its few net contributors and a sixth of its already declining economic output. Yet 48% voted to remain, in a millennial generation that already has no experience of life beyond government dependency.

As the crony political tributes continued to arrive for ex-Prime Minister Cameron - "a world leader of our era", conversely, the opposite is true. From 1995 onwards, both Blair and Cameron gave away democracy and British sovereignty to further their own political careers. Meanwhile, Osborne the British chancellor threatened 'severe austerity measures' and tax increases to punish the electorate if they voted for BREXIT in the referendum.

The European BREXIT demographic voting pattern was predictable. London, a mixture of the elite city 1%, but also containing some of the poorest areas of Western Europe, voted to remain. As did Scotland, a socialist mass welfare enclave, described by the Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson as having a "corrosive sense of entitlement". Further, she states; "[…] public sector expenditure makes up a full 50 per cent of Scotland’s gross domestic product. Only 12 per cent of households are net contributors." [1]

The political issues of the European BREXIT referendum concentrating on 'markets' and ignoring the widespread poverty, [2] or the fallacy of Britain having a voice and influence in Europe [3] remained immaterial. Conversely, a real referendum issue concerned the obvious disaster of multiculturalism in, 'Before Europe Awoke'. [4]

Furthermore, a majority BREXIT vote also centred on the unpopularity of the euro-currency, a legal requirement for full membership, producing a permanent cycle of poverty and debt across European nations. Examples include the economic basket cases of Greece, Spain, Ireland and Portugal, [5] continually bailed out in turn by the European Central Bank and refinanced by International Monetary Fund bankers.

The Union of European Liberal Fascism

BREXIT European Union | The Facts Behind Liberal Fascism Brexit11

"[…] a key component of the so-called 'Monnet method' of European integration. Making constant small incremental transfers of power in supposedly neutral areas of policy which do not arouse popular opposition or hostility. The Monnet method allows Europe to be constructed on the quiet, so to speak, by progressively de-politicising areas of policy and subjecting them to technocratic control." [6]

"In 1992 I had unprecedented access to Politburo and Central Committee secret documents which have been classified, and still are even now, for 30 years. These documents show very clearly that the whole idea of turning the European common market into a federal state was agreed between the left-wing parties of Europe and Moscow.  A joint project which [Soviet leader Mikhail] Gorbachev in 1988-89 called, “our common European home" - Vladamir Bukovsky former Soviet dissident, warns of EU dictatorship. [7]

"Public opinion will be led to adopt, without knowing it, the proposals we dare not present to them directly. All the earlier proposals will be in the new text, but will be hidden and disguised" - Valery Giscard D’Estang, member of Constitutional Council of France, on the Lisbon treaty.

The European Union timeline

The European Economic Community (Common market) originated from the 'The Treaty of Rome', signed by Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany. The United Kingdom, Denmark, and Ireland joined in 1973, followed by Greece in 1981 and Portugal and Spain in 1986. From 1995, liberal fascism extended its influence throughout Europe, using mass media propaganda, subversion and bribes.

In 1989, with help from the free west, the Berlin Wall fell, followed shortly after by the collapse of the Soviet Union. The context of 'the free west' is important because of the same antidemocratic European Union that replaced the Soviet model. The west breathed a deep sigh of relief and promptly went back to sleep. Yet where did all the Marxist adherents go? Disguised under the terms, social, democrat and progressive, they found a new home in the European Union bureaucratic monolith.

Angela Merkel - German chancellor and former propaganda commissar in the East German communist youth league.

Jose Barroso - Maoist, President of the European Commission 2004 – 2014.

Herman Van Rompuy -
Marxist, President of the European Council 2009 – 2014.

The two former British European Union Commissioners, Neil Kinnock and Peter Mandelson, both have Marxist pasts.

From the 1990s onwards, the European Union began subversion and expansionism. The British were not allowed to vote for the Maastricht Treaty 1992, the Amsterdam Treaty 1997, the Nice Treaty 2001, or the Lisbon Treaty 2007. Yet combined, these treaties gave the European Union unlimited power in all spheres of political, economic, immigration and regulatory laws. "So 70% of the laws in this country are made, co-decided, by the European Parliament .
(Viviane Reding. Vice-president of European Commission, 2014).

In 2005, the Dutch and French voted 'No' to the 'European Constitutional Treaty'. The name changed to the 'Lisbon Treaty' and the constitutional vote declared void as the European Constitution now didn’t exist. Ireland again voted 'No' to the new 'Lisbon Treaty' in 2008 and told to vote again until the answer was 'Yes'.

"They must go on voting until they get it right" - Jose Barroso, President of the European Commission.

Each successive treaty signed by politicians, transferred power away from the electorate and created the situation where a British population were allowed to vote and remain in, or leave a European Union it had never voted to join in the first place. The political elites of Europe transferred sovereign power to themselves and BREXIT produced the reaction when public pressure created a referendum.

BREXIT Upholding Democratic values and Sovereignty

BREXIT European Union | The Facts Behind Liberal Fascism Counci10

True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism. They cut their hair, put on suits, and infiltrate the system from within.[8]

A suspicious British public sought a referendum on the proposals contained in the 'Lisbon Treaty.' To prevent further removal of parliamentary power and transfers of sovereignty to the European Union, despite government assurances it didn’t. The government refused a referendum. In 2011, PM Cameron introduced the, 'European Union Act', promising to provide a referendum in any further EU attempts at transfers of sovereignty. Too little, too late, the previous treaties had already given away British sovereignty.

"Of course, there will be transfers of sovereignty. But would I be intelligent to draw the attention of public opinion to this fact?" -
(Jean-Claude Junker, unelected President of the European Union Commission).

Not surprisingly edited by the European Commission; in his own words the President of the European Commission and leader of 27 countries, Jean-Claude Junker, states that he is in contact with several leaders from other planets, in an elite led European Union of fantasy, where behaviour begins to resemble that of Alice in Wonderland. [9]

Yet the warnings of an elite fightback start to surface, as in November 2016, Britain’s Supreme Court blocked 'Article 50', which is the lawful exit mechanism from the European Union. No country has ever received permission to leave the European Union and all previous 'No' votes ignored. In the landmark ruling, the Supreme Court puts parliament above the people (The UK is a parliamentary democracy) and ruled that elected members of parliament and an unelected House of Lords should decide by majority approval whether the people made the right choice.

Democratic Values and British Sovereignty

From the 20th century ideologies of communism and National Socialism, to 21st century liberal fascism, disguised as progressivism,[10] the European Union remains an example of a continent still obsessed with creating utopic societies, in which the overriding similarities are both economic and social failure. Globalisation replaces patriotism, low wage service industries replace labour, the financially privileged ravage economies and the political elite become masters of all they survey.

Resembling the former USSR and in the middle of the biggest recession in living memory, the European Union gravy train rolls on. [11] The tax funded salaries and expenses in the European Union
 for those involved are truly staggering. [12]

Nigel Farage (UKIP) verbally destroys the progressive European Union elite in three minutes
"Just who the hell do you think you people are, you are very, very dangerous people indeed."

Sweden to become a third world country by 2030 (UN Human Development Index) and in which from 2014, criticism of government immigration policy becomes a criminal offence. Meanwhile in Germany 2008, the first Christian home schooling asylum seekers arrive in America. In 2013, Jews begin to exit France in record numbers amid anti-Semitic violence not seen since the 1930s and not a swastika in sight.

Back to the Future

BREXIT European Union | The Facts Behind Liberal Fascism Democr10

As an older generation die out, the best gift it can leave are safeguards to prevent gullible Millennials going through the same trauma that befell Eastern Europe for decades, ushered in by the same people now in the European Union hierarchy.In a back to the future serfdom scenario, reflections of What European Union progressivism is and what the referendum tried to prevent from continuing:

Regulated people leading regulated lives


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Further reading: Fifty reasons to leave the EU
                         BREXIT The great deception

Helping you survive modernity in a world of change
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BREXIT European Union | The Facts Behind Liberal Fascism
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