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 Why Capitalism is Failing

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John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher

PostSubject: Why Capitalism is Failing   Why Capitalism is Failing Empty21.03.17 10:09

Why Capitalism is Failing

Why Capitalism is Failing

The sound bite criticisms of capitalism are legion, yet it’s harder to offer alternatives, aside from the vague notion of 'something else'. Despite the carnage of trying to socially engineer equality in the 20th century, nevertheless the myth persists that capitalist wealth creation is superfluous and money is readily available to a small number of elitists called a government under common ownership, who distribute, or simply print more paper. Ironically, the ones shouting the loudest against capitalism are often those dependent on the profits of capitalism to provide the welfare payments needed to keep them alive.[1]

No government creates wealth and so when people use the term 'State funded', what this implies is taxpayer (private wealth) funding. The government (a small group of people), do not create, they appropriate and use the wealth to provide needed services. Consequently, the more services and dependency they provide, the more socialist society becomes and the more tax needed to pay for it, whether in direct taxation or indirect 'stealth' taxes. Eventually, the cost of provision outweighs that of income and austerity measures, privatisation, or increased borrowing introduced to reduce the spiralling deficit.

Socialising Capitalism

Benjamin Franklin once correctly predicted,;"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."

"The countries of Europe created welfare states that claimed to support people from the cradle to the grave; they developed economic systems of redistribution that have created in people an appetite for passivity and dependence, leading to a growing number of people who think the government owes them a means of subsistence. As welfare numbers rise and subsidies have increased, the number of those who contribute to them financially has steadily declined."

Every country that went down the road to the socialist equality of poverty resulted in a dictatorship, bar none. Moreover, there remains a direct correlation in every western nation between increasing amounts of poverty, in relation to increased welfare subsidies. In other words, socialising the wealth of capitalism provides the means to keep populations in equal poverty, not to lift them out of it.[ 2] A reliance on politicians to produce a utopia has produced a long history of failures and no successes.

At the heart of its failure, the economics of capitalism or indeed any other economic system in history, never envisaged providing equal shares, relative lifestyles to those that don’t produce, or funding mass welfare entitlements. Moreover, add to that the cronyism of corrupt politicians with a degree in the fine arts running the economy of nations and little wonder capitalism is failing.

Nationalising the Socialists

Why Capitalism is Failing Destro10

Using group identity conflict [3] to dumb down populations and nationalise the masses by making them government welfare dependent and politically correct conformist. Make the State the provider, employer and moral authority. To do this, the State has to convince the masses that only it can provide and bestow equality, rights and privileges - a benevolent dictatorship along the lines of Huxley’s, "Brave New World Revisited".

However, the myth that it’s fair and equal to take from one and give to another persists and that’s because socialist economics seeks to create reality using an abstract, a belief. To Survive modernity requires knowledge and understanding of political ideologies, [4] specifically progressivism; (the greatest source of terror and death in the 20th century), [5] containing a toxic mixture of elite political rule of bureaucratic technocrats, bankers and big business; otherwise termed liberal fascism.

The possibility remains to tinker around the edges of capitalism with workers co-operatives, bonuses based on profits and contributory insurance schemes, yet conversely, the real impetus needed is for a country to divorce itself from the international banking cartels and the corruption which surrounds them and makes it possible.

The Criminal and Political Failures Who Decide the Fate of Nations

1. Jose Barroso, Prime Minister Portugal 2002 – 2004. Arrested in 2003 for suspected tax fraud, corruption and money laundering. President of the European Union Commission 2004 – 2014.

2. Replacing Barroso, current EU president Jean-Claude Juncker forced to resign as prime minister of Luxembourg after spying and wiretapping allegations in 2013. 

3. Replacing former IMF director Strauss-Kahn, who resigned in 2011 over a sex allegation scandal. Christine Lagarde, current IMF director, found guilty in 2016 of 'financial negligence' (cronyism), whilst the French Finance Minister in Sarkozy’s (socialist) government. (No sentence awarded by the special court set up for corrupt government officials).

The alternative sound bites of the new left in Hahnel’s "Participatory economics", or Wright’s "Real utopian socialism", are simply that, sound bites, as are the skewed statistics of 5% unemployment, or the belief of booming socialist economies favoured by western politicians.

The Rejection of Western Capitalism

In early 2016 China dumped the dollar and currently has a GDP of 6.7%. Over the past decade, Iceland jailed its criminal bankers for their actions amid cries of outrage from progressive western leaders and weathered the recession with a GDP of 4% and rising. [6] Meanwhile, Russia kicked out the Rothschild's NWO banking cartel and since 2001 eight other countries have done the same. [7]
A brief history of Rothschild's [8]
Increasing number of countries without a Rothschild central bank [9]
Yet the risks are high as Assad in Syria, Saddam in Iraq and Gaddafi in Libya who all abandoned the dollar found and Russia, China and Iran are currently experiencing. [10] An alternative view of Libya as Gaddafi tried to break away from the dollar by introducing the gold dinar.[ 11]

The Answer to Laissez Faire Capitalism

Slowly, as countries abandon the NWO and try to escape usury, only one single country has ever succeeded. From 1933, Germany reduced unemployment so dramatically, that by 1938 there was a shortage of labour. This occurred not because of job creation schemes, also implemented in the Weimar Republic and a favourite of politicians today. Neither was it increasing its armed forces, which would have produced a drain on resources, not wealth creation. In a short period, Germany removed the very banking cartels responsible for the recession today.

The bewilderment we see in today’s society is not the fault of capitalism, but the fault of politicians who plunder wealth through taxation to socially engineer their own version of utopias. In the blame game, the gullible populations include those who believed capitalism provided equality and failed to learn that socialist belief was at fault and not the economic system that funded it. Those who still believe that only the government can ensure equality through spreading the wealth around have as much chance of that happening as seeing the 1% politicians  spreading their own wealth around. When populations realise that capitalism wasn’t designed to fund abstract political utopias and governments aren’t social work departments, properly regulated capitalism will work.


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Further reading: A look at the collapsing economies of Sweden and Venezuela
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Why Capitalism is Failing
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