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 National Socialism - The Forgotten Ideology

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John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher

PostSubject: National Socialism - The Forgotten Ideology   National Socialism - The Forgotten Ideology Empty18.03.17 9:27

The forgotten ideology in a world of change

National Socialism - The Forgotten Ideology

All ideas are versions of thoughts that we acquire, often not by ourselves, they are put there by others. Five hundred years ago everyone knew the world was flat, the solar system revolved around the earth and the truism of theological belief that stars in the sky were small holes showing the light of heaven through the blanket that God covered the earth with every night. Accordingly, these are not moral choices that we base our understanding on, rather they are absolutes, ingrained in our consciousness and where our individual beliefs and opinions stem from.

Yet what happened to change our views? As individuals we didn’t discover the opposite, it was knowledge put there by others. So also with knowledge of the social world, in which the opinions and beliefs of today become the fallacies resembling those of five hundred years ago. How do we know this? By acquiring knowledge of the same facts that disproved the flat earth and centre of the universe theories. In the current era, does multiculturalism work? Are all cultures equal? Have politicians managed to change the earth’s climate? The New Age belief system is illustrated by Obama’s vision of "change you can believe in" and the back to front logic of the European Union, "diversity is our strength".  The belief of irrationality, with the same power of persuasion, using political correctness to stifle dissent and discarding reality, logic and science. The irrationality behind a belief system produces the results today in an attempt to socially engineer a society based on humanism, feelings and subjective beliefs.

Natural Order, Race and Nationalism

Conversely, National Socialis proposes that there is a natural order and progression in societies and just as we are uniquely individual in abilities, so too there occurs different abilities in races. Just as the Africans often excel in sports, the Europeans in science and the Jews in finance, so too the societies currently upheld as models of advanced ancient civilisations by an equality doctrine of belief today, never even got round to inventing the wheel! Previously, the differences suggested poverty, colonialism and lack of opportunity as excuses. Nevertheless, as mass immigration continues across the western world, facts begin to replace the social beliefs of today, which propose that those from a culture based on 6th century beliefs, or countries where the average IQ borders on retardation, remain equal to other societies and cultures. A National Socialist would simply shrug and say, "isn’t that obvious?"

The Forgotten Ideology

The myths surrounding National Socialism are legion. From creating a race of Aryan supermen, to a psychopathic horde murdering everyone in their path, producing laws preventing dissent, deliberately designed to prevent the spread of knowledge, just as in previous centuries Church theology forbade the spread of science refuting its doctrines. The difference between International and national socialism is that the state does not own the means and modes of production and views race as a contributing factor in the development of society.

The theory behind National Socialism centers around the whole, what is best for that particular society and discards democracy on the grounds that the majority are not always right and open to influence. The American Founding Fathers purposely introduced the constitution to prevent such abuse of the system. The less intelligent in any society, which are the majority, become the majority vote in a democratic society and so the democratic principle eventually reaches a stage in which those of low intelligence, government dependent, the criminal . . . begin to shape society. Obama, a pot smoking homosexual [1] becomes the leader of a nation and former 'pop stars' (Sheryl Crow’s, one sheet of toilet paper), global warming 'experts'. [2]

In many countries promoting National Socialism is illegal. The definitive and alternative account of National Socialism remains the six hour Dennis Wise documentary epic , 'The Greatest Story Never Told ', available in short topic sections from the official website.[3]

The ideology behind National Socialism also removes laissez faire capitalism, which is a corruption of individual profit before the needs and cohesion of a society. Regulating the speculation and manipulation behind the acquisition of wealth, but leaving individual wealth creation and ownership intact.

In fact, National Socialism does not believe in the destruction of races or societies, but rather their separation and at a micro level, separating the anti-social elements of it’s own society in concentrated camps to protect society from their actions. In much the same way as Israel today is not just a country, but a Jewish state. In direct opposition to this, western society, not only actively promotes differences, encourages anti-social behaviour and legitimises perversions, but through a belief system disregarding reality, tries to achieve positive economic and social achievements. Also the reason why the previous knowledge of communities, borders and value systems now having to be re-learned, produces the backlash in many countries. If the previous consensus values of Church, borders, patriotism and family, which previously held society together are removed, what replaces them are the narcissistic and anti-social values seen throughout the western world today.

Conversely, a suggestion remains that the right of the individual precedes that of the state, or indeed society. Yet National Socialism would argue that there is no society left in a mass of competing cultures and legalised plunder of its economy. That would produce social and economic anarchy, which is what the west is now going through. Others would argue from a human rights, freedom perspective, in which case the bankers that caused the recession become perfectly entitled to do so and the welfare dependent  masses have every right to expect those working to pay for them.

In reality, National Socialism resembles the models we all created at school that suggest designing a town. The factory goes here, the library goes there . . . but minus the horrors of ethnic ghettos, drug use epidemics, mass unemployment, homeless 'cardboard cities' . . .

A Rude National Awakening

In summary, implementing cultural Marxism, [4] the only ideology ever designed to destroy, is failing miserably as reality replaces belief and gradually countries begin to build border fences to separate cultures, abandon globalism and Slovakia becomes the latest country to ban Islam - 'Before Europe Awoke'. [5] To desire cultural  and racial separation is not arguably racist or supremacist as Black Power movements and Islam illustrate and moreover, removing colonialisation from countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), once the breadbaskets of Africa, only went to prove the stage of advancement in those societies. National Socialism accepts all this as the natural order and arguably is the only forgotten ideology left to prevent the intentional suicide of the west and available to adapt in all societies. 

A National Socialist would say, "You should have listened."


[1] Obama, a pot smoking homosexual (Video)
[2] One sheet of toilet paper to stop global warming
[3] The Greatest Story Never Told (Video)
[4] Implementing cultural Marxism
[5] Before Europe Awoke (Video)

Further reading: What is National Socialism (video)
National Socialism

Helping you survive modernity in a world of change
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National Socialism - The Forgotten Ideology
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