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 Cultural Marxism Social Chaos

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John V Asia Teacher
John V Asia Teacher

PostSubject: Cultural Marxism Social Chaos   21.02.17 20:15

Cultural Marxism Social Chaos

What is Cultural Marxism

I Believe in Nothing and am Tolerant of Everything

Why do we have a feeling that something just isn’t quite right, but are unable to put our finger on it?

Why does it no longer matter who you vote for, nothing seems to change?

What happened to 'Power to the People' and 'Workers of the World Unite'?

The damaging effects of cultural Marxism lie not only in its critical theory, but also in the deliberate attempt to initiate social chaos. The objective is to destroy traditional culture and replace it with progressivism [1] . In the following review, the author illustrates the effects of social chaos, using equality, multiculturalism, diversity, and political correctness, produced by cultural Marxism.

The Cultural Chaos of Equality, Multiculturalism, Diversity and Political Correctness 

Despite the visible cultural anarchy throughout western society, in the same era, producing identical results, many still believe it is coincidental. However, others dispute what they see and prefer the safety of belief, blaming it on right-wing extremism, xenophobia, or racism. In addition, some view it as a conspiracy theory. The majority stay apathetic, trapped in a chaotic multicultural Gulag, under the supervision of political correctness.

Social justice agenda warriors [2] (cultural terrorists), using identity politics, and diverse and safe space coalitions provide delusions of a multicultural utopia, replacing the old revolutionary slogans of class struggle. Meanwhile, political correctness ensures a dumbed down, think-a-like consensus with an equality of conformity. As free speech takes on aspects of totalitarianism, the modern social liberals chant the compulsory mantras of buzzwords and politically correct sound bites. Consequently, from this, arise present-day beliefs that poverty occurs because the rich are wealthy and the failure of multiculturalism becomes an achievement. The subcultural of sexual deviancy assumes a lifestyle choice and racist accusations extend beyond the individual to include institutional racism.

Amid this social chaos, whole nations collapse economically as colourful 'gay' parades celebrate diverse sexual behaviour and terrorist bombings rock European capitals . . . In the last half-century, the western world has regressed to a modern era equivalent of witch-hunts and inquisitions. Careers and lives destroyed by lack of free speech, as already brainwashed populations chant the mantras of buzzwords and politically correct sound bites, producing a social pessimism.

The mantras and sound bites of 'Humanitarian Superpower' (Sweden), 'Change you can believe in' (US) and 'Diversity is our strength' (EU) remain a closely aligned progressive (liberal fascist) ambition. People traumatised by disagreement, in which emotions replace truth and feelings become facts, where opinion resembles a phobia requiring offender treatment of counselling and sensitivity training.

No further need for red flags and Gulags, or a pretence of an equality based 'workers' revolution. The diverse modern-day revolution occurs not from the huddled starving masses standing on the barricades, but from the multicultural soothing tones of a media politician and the calming advice of a politically correct social worker. The new gulags are government-subsidised housing and entitlement welfare provides bread for all.

The 1% Cultural Revolution

From the 1960s, the traditional institutions began to attract the new cultural radicals, who remained committed to destroying traditional society, but now through multicultural mass immigration to change national identity, the breakdown of family values and in the diversity of religion, the three pillars of Western society. From class to culture, the former hippies, terrorists, and radicals became leaders of finance, education, and nations, helping to introduce yet another generation of Lenin’s 'useful idiots' to cultural Marxism.

[1]     Progressivism
[2]     Social justice agenda warriors

Read the full article: Cultural Marxism -  Social Chaos
Further reading: The New Dark Age

Helping you survive modernity in a world of change
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Cultural Marxism Social Chaos
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