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Helping you survive modernity in a world of change

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From politics and emigration to employment and education, plus everyday life; helping you survive change and providing the necessary mindset to understand modernity. Contains articles increasing quality knowledge, creating unique individuality and providing genuine opportunities; something that politicians and life didn't tell you. Welcome to CMW - Welcome to our world.

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Increasing Quality Knowledge


Increasing Quality Knowledge

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Survive modernity politics

Understanding a changing world : Knowledge is power because political ignorance is bliss

Political ideologies | Helping you understand social science
Understanding social science goes a long way to helping you survive modernity political ideologies and expose the disguise behind progressivism.

Cultural Marxism Social Chaos | Culture, diversity, equality

How Marxists created a progressive west by socially engineering the social chaos of multiculturalism, socialist equality and cultural diversity.

44Anarchism - The Politics of Chaos
18.08.17 16:35
John V Asia Teacher View latest post
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Explaining world events

Shaping our world: Explaining the reality behind mass-media hype

BREXIT European Union | The Facts Behind Liberal Fascism
BREXIT European Union was the referendum that stopped liberal fascism expansion and the attempt to recreate another USSR in Europe.

Inside the Liberal Mind | The Lost Generation
Inside the liberal mind: What produced a millennial lost generation resembling Alice in Wonderland characters.

1010The Collapse of the Western Global Disorder 1990 – 2018
24.06.18 11:49
John V Asia Teacher View latest post

A British citizen and an English and social science teacher, John V Asia Teacher lives in Thailand, recently six years in China.
Besides experience in the British Armed Forces and residential mental health management, John V also holds triple degrees.
A diverse range of interests includes travel, non-professional resume writing and political science.
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